Besides its activity executed on the environmental protection basis as per the sustainable development principle, ISKEN supports the development of projects in the fields of environment, education, health infrastructure, development of agriculture and fishery, culture-art and sports with the intention of vitalizing local economy and improving local social capacity.

In addition to this, ISKEN has provided extensive and comprehensible information to the people and non-governmental organizations of the region about its activities from the very beginning and continues to improve its relations with the local people on a neighbourly basis.

With all these features, ISKEN is a modern, environmentalist and human-community oriented corporation.

Income - Generating Projects
  • Fisheries Development Project
  • Olive Farming Project
  • Support to Improving Local Entrepreneurship
  • Microcredit Project
  • Handicrafts Promotion Project
  • Sugözü Village Transportation Cooperative
Public Infrastructure Development Projects
  • Model Village Project
  • My School Project
  • Health Service Improvment Project
Vocational Training Projects
  • Industrial Welding Training Project
  • From Street to Future Project
  • Agricultural Training Center for Women
Voluntary Social and Educational Initiatives
  • Support to Local Education and Training Activities 
  • Internships at the Power Plant 
  • Scholarship to University Students 
  • Sports School
Contribution to Social, Culturel and Sportive Organizations
  • Adana Handicapped Sports Club
  • Yumurtalık Ayas Sports Club
  • Ceyhan Women Basketball Team
  • Çukurova State Symphony Orchestra
  • Sirkeli Archeological Excavation Project
  • Young Archeopark Project
  • Turkish – German Cultural Cooperation Association
  • Yumurtalik Underwater Research and Application Center
  • Adana Homeless Animal Organization