Our mission is to contribute to the national economy by producing reliable power in line with the sustainability principles; our management policies give priority to well - being of sound environmental management and development of social environment.
We aim to be the exemplary company in the energy sector.

Our corporate values:
Being environmentally conscious
We value quality over quantity: “Environmentally friendly electricity generation as per the international standards by using modern technology and treatment systems and protecting the environment”.
Implementing Corporate Social Responsibility Projects
We value and respect our society: We carry out many social responsibility projects in cooperation with various public institutions and NGOs in different areas from art to education; agriculture to fisheries in our region. The aim is to create social and environmental benefits like supporting the low-income livelihoods and to promote social life as well as protecting environmental and historic heritage.

We are all part of İSKEN
Our employees, their families and our stakeholders are members of İSKEN Family: We support all members of our family on the path of continuous improvement in life.
People First
We always put people first: Providing a positive working environment in terms of occupational health and safety, and offering our employees opportunities for their personal and professional development.
Commitment to Universal Ethical Values
Our uncompromising values: Compliance with laws, human rights principles and ethical values in all our practices.