İSKEN Sugözü Power Plant is one of the biggest international investments in our country and an important socio-economic factor in the Çukurova Region of Türkiye.

İSKEN Sugözü Power Plant (1308 MW installed capacity), which proves its reliability with its efficient design and high availability, meets approximately 3% of our country's electricity consumption (9 billion kWh/year) and is being operated in accordance with the international technical and environmental standards.

Within the scope of energy transformation, our Company has also started combined (hybrid) renewable electricity generation investments. Within this scope, a solar electricity generation plant ("SUGES I") with an installed capacity of 21.12 MWp was installed and commissioned. 35 MW installed capacity solar and/or wind power generation investment studies are also ongoing.


  • 1308 MW Installed Capacity
  • High Quality Hard Coal Fuel + Renewable Energy
  • Contribution to Regional Economy
  • Reliable and Environmentally Friendly Electricity Generation

The shareholders of İSKEN are STEAG Power GmbH (51%) residing in Germany and OYAK Birleşik Enerji A.Ş. (49%).