As İSKEN, the basis of our understanding of institutionalism lies in our activities that we carry out based on our values. The purpose of our activities is to contribute to the development of our society, to our region, our country and our world. We are aware that sustainability is only possible with a dynamic and sensitive balance between our energy needs and the use of natural resources; and our aim is to generate electricity, which is the basic input of economic and social life, in a timely, cost-effective, high quality, reliable, environmentally friendly, sufficient amount and continuous manner. To this end, we utilize coal, as our main resource, in the most efficient manner with advanced technology and environmental protection practices, and invest in renewable resources within the framework of energy transformation.

We are proud to be a human and community-centered company with the value we give to our employees and the continuous development opportunities we offer, as well as being a business in harmony with its social and natural environment. We consider supporting social responsibility projects to revitalize the local economy and strengthen social capacity as both a social-humanitarian duty and an indicator of our success.

As İSKEN family, at the end of 20 golden years that we have travelled together with all our stakeholders to become the exemplary company of the energy sector with full of success and pride with confident and principled steps, we will continue our journey to the bright future of our nation together...
Dr. Sırrı UYANIK