İSKEN, as the owner and operator one of the biggest international investments into Türkiye, gives particular importance to continuous development of its employees. Therefore, it has very well trained and experienced workforce and always prioritizes competence. İSKEN tries its best to observe the principle of “People and the Community First” in all circumstances. Providing for the employees a safe, peaceful, constructive and participatory working environment is primary target of İSKEN.

Approximately 1.000 people are offered employment directly and thousands more are provided with job and business opportunities indirectly. İSKEN is also well-known for its contributions to the local economy and regional socio-economic development. As a valued employer and a good neighbor to its region, it gives priority to source local employment to the extent possible. İSKEN is an “equal opportunity workplace”.


Employee Handbook and Rules of Business Ethics

You can access the Employee Handbook and Code of Business Ethics in PDF

Scholarship Application Form

You can apply for scholarships through the "Scholarship Application Form" which will be published in September.