Producing environmentally sensitive energy for a sustainable world and doing it in a healthy and safe workplace are our main principles and responsibility to the society.
For this purpose, we carry out an integrated management system for environment, occupational health and safety and continually improve it in line with international standards. This management system covers electricity production and all auxiliary activities performed in Sugözü Power Plant and all activities performed in General Management Building, Ankara.
In order to reach environmental, occupational health and safety objectives, İSKEN commits;
  • To respect all legal requirements that we are subject to,
  • To take measures to protect all our employees and any person who may be affected from injuries and taking international good practices into consideration along with legal requirements,
  • To carry out environmental controls and good practices as stated in our environmental impact assessment report which is beyond legal requirements,
  • To assess needs and expectations of interested parties when determining occupational health and safety objectives,
  • To protect the environment, to prevent pollution, to restrict impact to climate change, to protect bio-diversity, to use sustainable resource by using advanced technology and methods in the process of design, procurement, installation, maintenance and decommissioning,
  • To assess occupational health and safety hazards and environmental aspects, to eliminate or reduce significant risks and impacts by take suitable and sufficient,
  • To promote wellness programs for employees,
  • To prepare emergency response plans, to share them with interested parties and prepare joint response plans,
  • To manage occupational health and safety risks and environmental impacts of planned changes,
  • To provide opportunity to employees and their representatives for participation and consultation in decision process of occupational health and safety.
  • To Support all employees to demonstrate the leadership in their areas of responsibility to improve the performance of the environment, occupational health and safety.