Environmental protection takes high priority in the construction and operation of the plant. Using advanced methods for flue gas cleaning, protection of water quality and noise abatement, the plant meets the limit values required by the Turkish laws and even the stricter ones of the World Bank. By using more effective systems, ISKEN does not only improve efficiency but also substantially improve the environmental compatibility. 


Emissions were drastically cut by high performance flue gas cleaning systems within the last 20 years. “Environmental protection” is one of STEAG's and ISKEN´s commitments to sustainable development. Sugözü Power Plant was taken into operation after completion of all environmental protection measures. ISKEN, for the first time, conducts "Environmental Monitoring and Management Program" for both construction and operation periods.


During the construction and operation periods, the Power Plant has been continuously visited by the related authorities, NGOs, media members, experts from the universities. All of these inspections and visits have resulted in positive impressions and comments and the work was appreciated by them. To give some examples for the environmental protection technologies, a flue gas desulfurization plant is used to remove sulfur dioxide from the flue gas to ensure that the residual concentration is below the legal limits.


Primary measures in burner design help to reduce the occurrence of nitrogen oxide. Electrostatic precipitators remove dust particles from the flue gas. All waste waters are treated in special waste water treatment plants.By-products of the Power Plant – like ash and gypsum - are being utilized by construction materials industry like in Germany and in all other developed countries.