Our mission is to contribute to the economy of our country by producing electricity with modern  technology and with a special emphasis on sustaining ecological balance and resources of the natural environment, contributing to the development of the social environment and to all shareholders, and giving prior importance to the satisfaction of our employees.
Values we consider as a referance while performing our job are:
Being Environment Friendly
To make environment friendly production in world standards by taking care of all natural resources by using modern technology and treatment systems shows the importance that we give to the quality rather than to the quantity.
To Make Added Value by Corporate Social Responsibility Projects
We undertake many social responsibility projects from art to education, agriculture, and fishing in co-operation with many governmental and non governmental organizations all over the country,but mainly in Çukurova Region where we are located. To make added values to the region by these projects is the evidence of the importance and respect we give to the society of which we are a part.
To Work With Team Spirit
Our employees and employees of our subcontractor companies are all member of İSKEN Family. The principle is to keep the team consciousness and share all successes as a team.
Continous Development
We take our energy from our competent and successful human resources. Being a dynamic and continuously developing company by providing our employees all necessary and possible development opportunities as well as by continuously improving our working conditions is our biggest support in achieving our corporate targets.
Commitment to Universal Ethical Values
Obeying laws and regulations, human rights as well as ethical work rules are indispensable values of our “human” oriented and honest management.
  • Observed of Laws Regulations and Rules
  • Equal Treatment and Fair Practice
  • Observed of Laws Regulations and Rules
  • Developing Responsible Behaviour and
  • Fulfilment of Resposibilities
  • Behaving in Accordance with ISKEN
  • Name and Image
  • Environmental Protection,
  • Security&Occupational Health