We carry out vocational and employment-generating projects to contribute the improvement of the quality of life terms of local community.

Organic Agriculture And Farmer Training

İSKEN contributed to the project carried out by the Vocational School of Yumurtalık, Çukurova University to improve organic agriculture. Accordingly, 28 farmers were supported to grow and sell certified agricultural products. In this scope, a greenhouse and classroom (with 1000 m2 area) were constructed for the Vocational School.


Industrial Welding

A modern welding workshop was established in Yumurtalık in cooperation with İSKEN and relevant governmental entities to improve regional employment opportunities; A significant number of the 100 trainees who had received certificates from the welding courses so far have been employed in different enterprises in various locations immediately after the course.



Production Center For Agricultural Products (for Women)

With the project, it was aimed to provide women with vocational skills in agriculture-based industries; and 50 women received vocational training in nursery, greenhouse cultivation, ornamental plant breeding, animal husbandry, entrepreneurship and home economics for 10 months period.