Building a sustainable future is among our core values.
We strive to continuously improve our sustainability performance in all aspects, as an organization responsible to support the environment, people and society.
The building blocks of our sustainability understanding are the long-standing corporate governance history of our main shareholders and the principles of the United Nations Global Compact. We manage our sustainability strategy in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. All these values lie behind our corporate governance approach without compromise since the establishment of İSKEN.

Since the first day, we have been monitoring and improving our environmental performance in all aspects.

Our healthy, competent, successful and happy human resources are our strength. Providing ideal working conditions, offering development opportunities for personal and professional development to our workforce, is our corporate goal.

With the principle of being a good neighbor, we are aware of our social responsibility. We work to develop regional employment opportunities, revitalize the local economy and strengthen local social capacity.

Energy Security
Recognizing the national responsibility of being an energy generator, we adopt new and innovative practices to ensure operational reliability.

Transforming together with Life

İSKEN, which started its life as a coal-fired power plant operator, is becoming an ENERGY CAMPUS. We continue to add new business models to our portfolio by integrating renewable energy sources, carbon sinks, energy storage systems into our infrastructure.

We commissioned our first 21 MWp combined renewable electricity generation facility. The second and third stages on the way.

We are planning wind turbines at our site to utilize our campus’ full potential.

Energy Storage
We know that the solution to the most important problem in front of the widespread use of renewable energy is grid-scale electricity storage.

Carbon Sinks
For more effective carbon management, we are in cooperation with universities, public institutions and NGOs in creating solutions such as restoring lost forests, bee pastures, and turning idle public areas into carbon sinks.

Modular and Integrated Management System

As a leading player in the energy sector, we recognize the importance of reliable operations and sustainable practices. We have designed a modular and integrated management system (IMS) to ensure a reliable and environmentally friendly energy generation capacity by optimizing the performance of our business, meeting all our priorities and goals together.
From fuel utilization to emission control, occupational safety to energy efficiency, every aspect of our operations is carefully monitored and controlled.
By investing in the latest technologies and adopting a holistic management approach, we endeavor to set new benchmarks for responsible energy generation.
At İSKEN, the power of tomorrow starts with today's Integrated Management System.


We prioritize high environmental performance as the cornerstone of our commitment to sustainability. The integration of the latest and advanced technologies and our principle of continuous improvement ensure that our operations comply with the most stringent environmental standards.
Our comprehensive waste management practices also contribute to a circular and environmentally friendly approach by prioritizing recycling.
We actively participate in community outreach and education activities to promote environmental awareness and to be the best representative of the sector.
We demonstrate that responsible and reliable energy generation and environmental protection can go hand in hand.

Social Responsibility

In line with our sustainability approach and with the awareness of our social responsibility, we support the development of many projects to improve regional employment opportunities, revitalize the local economy and strengthen social capacity.

Circular Economy

İSKEN contributes to sustainable natural resource management with its production model supporting circular economy. Thanks to the effective recycling process, the amount of waste to be managed is reduced, while the dependence on natural resources and energy use are also reduced. Since its establishment, more than 90% of all waste and by-products have been recycled at İSKEN.

Sustainable and Responsible Procurement

Our commitment to responsible sourcing extends beyond power generation, reflecting our commitment to a safer future. We prioritize suppliers that share our values and demonstrate sustainable practices from raw material procurement to production processes. In this way, we not only support our commitment to the principle of sustainability, but also offer our supply chain the opportunity to develop with us.